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Lagi Trending! Lirik Lagu Reza Darmawangsa – Sing Off TikTok Songs Part V atau 5 Feat Mirriam Eka


Lirik Lagu Reza Darmawangsa - Sing Off TikTok Part V

Reza Darmawangsa merilis lagi sing off part tik tok yang ke 5 bersama Mirriam Eka.

Lagu ini dirilis hari ini jam 10.00 pagi WIB pada tanggal 18 Juli 2021.

Sing Off TikTok Part V merupakan kumpulan lagu lagu Tik Tok yang hits pada saat ini, dan Reza Sudah merilis sebanyak 5 kali dan mendapatkan tayangan youtube yang luar biasa. Bahkan Sing Off TikTok Part 2 mencapai 56 juta penonton di Youtube gaes.

Lirik Lagu Reza Darmawangsa – SING OFF TIKTOK SONGS PART 5 (Build A B*tch, Everything Sucks, Kiss Me More) vs Mirriam Eka Dan Terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia

Dhruv – Double Take

Boy, you got me hooked anto something
Who could say that they saw us coming? Tell Me

Masked Wolf – Astronaut In The Ocean

What you know about rollin” down in the deep?
When your brain goes numb, you can call that mental freeze
When these people talk too much, put that shit in slow motion, yeah

Maneskin – Beggin

I’m begin” beggin” you
So put your loving hand out baby

One direction – Ninght Changes

We’re only gettin’ older, baby
Even when the night changes

Poster The People – Pumped Up Kicks

All the other kids with the pumped up kicks
You better run, better run faster than my bullet

Bruno Mars – It Will Rain

There”ll be no sunlight if I lose you, baby
There”ll be no clear skies if I I lose you, baby

VoultBoy _ Everythings Sucks

Everything sucks, just kidding
Eveything is great, no really
I havent’t thought abaout my ex today
oh wait..

Dua Lipa – Break My Heart

I should”ve stayed at home, ‘ Cause now there ain’t no letting you go
Am I falling in love, With the one that could break my heart ?

Jamie Miller – Here”s Your Perfect

Let you go, give my last hello,hope it’s worth it
Say yeah, yeah ,yeah

New Hope Club – Know Me Too Well

I spend my weekends tryna gets you off
My mind again, but icant”t make it stop
I’m tryna pretend i’m good, but you can tell (uh)
Cause you know me too, you know me too well

Olivia Rodrigo – All I Want

All I want is Love that lasts, is all I want too much to ask?
is it something wrong with me’?
I”m selfish, I know , I can’t let you go
I hope you’re happy, but don,t be happier

The Backyardigans – Into The Thick Of It

We’re tramping through the bush
On and on, we push

Aespa – Next Level

I’m on the next level, jeo neomeoui muneul yeoreo
Next level neol gyeolgugen naego busye

Nct Dream – Hot Souce

Neowa nae sai ( sai ) seonmyeonghi boin ( boin)
Keojyeoman ganaeun yeolgi
Nan ogameul kkaewo ne mameul kkaewo
Teojil geonman gateun mas’ skill

BTS – Butter

Side step, right-left, to my beat
High like the moon, rock with me, baby

Twice – Alcohol Free

Masineun nae champagne, nae wine
Na tequila,margarita
Mojito with lime
Aweet mimosa, Pina colada

TK – Unravel ( Tokyo Ghoul OP )

Yuganda sekai ni dan dan
Boku wa sukitootte mienaku natte

The Kid Laroi , Justin Biebe – STAY

I do the same thing I told you that I never would

Bo Burnham – Welcome To The Internet

Welcome to Indonesia

BTS – Permission To Dance

Cause we don’t need permission to dance
You cut a piece of me, and now I bleed internally
Left here without you, without you

Bella Poarch – Build A Bitch

This ain’t build a bitch ( a bitch ), you don’t get to pick and choose
Different ss and bigger boobs, if my eyes are brown or blue

This ain’t build a bitch ( a bitch) I,m filled with flaws and attitude
So if you need perfect, I’m not built for you

Doja Cat feat SZA – Kiss me more

Got me a bag full of brick, you know that
Control, don’t slow the pace if I throw back
All this ass for real
Drama make you feel
Fantasy and whip appeal
Is all I can give you

Can you kiss me more?
We’re so young, boy
We ain’t got nothin’ to lose, oh, oh
It’s just principle
Baby, hold me
‘Cause I like the way you groove, oh, oh
Oh, darlin’

Boy, you write your name, I can do the same
Ooh, I love the taste, oh-la-la-la-la
All on my tongue, I want it
Boy, you write your name, I can do the same
Ooh, I love the taste, oh-la-la-la-la-la
All on my tongue, I want it

The Weeknd – Save Your Tears

Save your tears for another thay